A pregnancy journal for every mum

Your Personal Journey to Motherhood

Have you been searching for a pregnancy journal here in Nigeria?

Have you been wondering how to preserve your pregnancy memories?

Is the term ‘Mummy Brain’ familiar to you?

or are you just in search of a unique gift for that special pregnant person?

A Pregnancy Journal for Every Mum was created as a solution to all that and more.

Omeyi Yangs’ aim was to give every mother-to-be, a safe place to document her unique journey to motherhood.

Every pregnancy is unique thus it is important to preserve those memories by writing them down.

Pregnancy sometimes comes with “Mummy brain”, this journal was made to help you not forget important details.

It will also make a great keepsake not just for you, but to also share with your child in future.

Here's what to expect:

Included in this journal are great tips to help you during pregnancy such as:

Healthy food choices

Foods to avoid

Words of encouragement

Shopping lists and

A bonus feature tagged ‘Memoirs of Mums’.

“A Pregnancy Journal for Every Mum” is sure to be loved by every mum.


The wealth of knowledge contained within this book takes pregnancy from being a scary emotionally draining road to one of wonder, excitement and joy. 

I remember the fear I tried to hide from the world while pregnant. Google was speaking complications and death for every imagined ailment. I didn’t know truth from myth.
With the tried and trusted information in this journal, for you each month can be filled with joyful confidence about what is happening within. 
This journal is put together with love, experience, insight and deep thoughts about the needs of a pregnant and new mum. You don’t need Google with its conflicting information anymore. All you need is this journal.
Another plus to this journal is the diary parts. We forget almost everything about our pregnancy feelings when that beautiful baby arrives and takes over our whole world. Having a documentation of the journey to share in future is priceless.  
This makes me almost want to go on the pregnancy route again BUT……… I will settle with blessing any pregnant mum close to my heart with this journal instead (God mother bribery things)”.

Funlola Okunribido | dropstonez.com

note from omeyi yangs

Hi there,

I am the founder and current CEO of the leading maternity retail brand, Every Mums Maternity Apparel (popularly referred to as “Every Mums”).

Every Mums was created to take away the stress of finding products that make the pregnancy and new mum journey more comfortable and enjoyable within the Nigerian market; so that no mum would have to go through the same feelings of frustration I had during my first pregnancy.

I created this journal to help mums-to-be, document one of the most important periods of their lives.

Being a mum of two, I understand how important the period of pregnancy is. Sometimes, no one but you gets it. This journal gives you the room to express yourself as freely as possible.

The Memoirs of Mums feature by Funto Ibuoye, Titi Oyinsan, Remi Makanjuola, Bunmi George and Tito Idakula is one you are sure to love. Get to see life through a fellow mum’s eyes.  You will take away something new or at least get some assurance that you are not alone on this journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my journal after placing my order?

Journals will be dispatched or available for pickup on or before the launch date, 31st August, 2018.

What locations can I pick up from? 

Pickup options will be at select locations around Lagos and can also be delivered anywhere around Nigeria.

How do I know these locations?

A detailed list of all pick up centers will be announced after the launch date. You will also receive an email to that effect. 

How do I order from outside Nigeria?
The journals will be available for purchase (Paperback only) on Amazon. This will be announced once available.

We will also ship worldwide.

Is there any space to include photos in the journal?
Yes there are spaces for that; you are also free to convert any of the writing spaces for more photos if need be. The journal leaves ample room for flexibility. 

What do I do after paying?
If you paid with your card on our site, you don’t need to do anything. We will contact you.

Can I pay via Bank Transfer instead?
Yes. Please pay to:                                                                                      EVERY MUMS MATERNITY APPAREL, GTB,0421954877.            Please send an email with name, address, phone number and proof of payment to info@everymums.com.

create a great keepsake for your unborn child

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