Boobeez-Headlight Concealer


-Boob-eez are super-thin silicone discs that offer an invisible barrier between breasts and clothing.

-Perfect for concealing headlights (nipples) under thin tops, sheer bras, workout and dance gear as well as swimsuits.

-100% Silicone, backed with washable adhesive for multiple uses and easy care.

-Boob-eez can be worn with or without a bra and are perfect for anyone who wants headlights (nipples) to be out of sight and out of mind.

-Stick them on and stand tall with confidence

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Wearing and caring for Boob-eez is simple!

  • Remove the thin plastic backing
  • Put the boob-eez comfortably in place making sure the skin is clean and dry before placement.
  • Wear while working out, dancing, swimming, under fitted and sheer tops and dresses (with or without a bra!)
  • Remove boob-eez from skin by simply peeling off
  • Wash when needed with mild soap and water
  • Air dry, sticky side up and place in original boob-eez plastic container for storage
  • Keep boob-eez away from dirt, dust, fabric and oils to maintain adhesive

How many times can you wear Boob-eez before they loose their “stick”?

The number of Boob-eez uses really depends on the wear and care provided by the user. The key to success is keeping them clean and storing them in the original packaging when not in use.

Can I wear Boob-eez under a tee shirt or loose fitting clothing?

Yes! Boob-eez can be worn under ANYTHING but please keep in mind that they were designed to be worn under tight fitting clothes, sports bras, and bathing suits. Although Boob-eez are sticky and will stay put under anything, vigorous activity that works up a sweat could cause Boob-eez to come un-stuck under looser garments.

Boob-eez look like other products on the market…how are they different?

While Boob-eez may look similar to other products on the market, once you try them you will see that they are made with a different type of silicone that is more dense, thin, and discreet under clothing. The price is also very competitive compared with similar products.

When should I replace my Boob-eez?

Some folks wear Boob-eez every day for several months (90+ uses) before replacing them — while others (like our 11 year old) have a harder time keeping them clean and may replace them after a few weeks.

How do I clean my Boob-eez properly?

When Boob-eez get dirty or don’t feel sticky any longer, mild soap and water can be used to remove dirt, lint, oils, and lotion. Let the product air dry before storing in its packaging and the “stick” will come back. The product should easily last 30+ uses if cared for properly.
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