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Landmark Moments Baby Cards - 38 Illustrated cards - Perfect for Baby Shower and Newborn Gift


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One pack contains a huge pack of 38 cards - all beautifully illustrated to give your photos a special touch and remember those special moments.

Each card is different, to capture the first weeks, months and major occasions and milestones.

If you expecting, this is a brilliant addition to celebrate your new baby to your family.

They are also the perfect baby shower, maternity leave and new-born gift.



  • Capture your baby's first stages of life with these beautiful cards
  • Huge 38 pack to capture milestones with first weeks, months and major occasions
  • Simply take a picture with the date on the card, with the baby and share with family and friends
  • Cards are printed on safe matte laminated card
  • Perfect gift for a baby shower or newborn baby


  1. Today I arrived the world
  2. I took my first bath
  3. Just had my 1st nappy change
  4. 1 week old
  5. 2 weeks old
  6. 4 weeks old
  7. 6 weeks old
  8. 8 weeks old
  9. 10 weeks old
  10. 12 weeks old
  11. 4 months old
  12. 5 months old
  13. 6 months old
  14. 7 months old
  15. 8 months old
  16. 9 months old
  17. 10 months old
  18. 11 months old
  19. My 1st birthday
  20. 1st tooth
  21. I ate solid food for the first time
  22. My 1st Christmas
  23. My 1st day at the park
  24. I stood up for the 1st time
  25. I crawled for the 1st time
  26. I smiled for the 1st time
  27. I sat up for the 1st time
  28. I said Da-da
  29. I said Ma-ma
  30. I walked for the 1st time
  31. I took my 1st ride
  32. I slept through the night for the 1st time
  33. I played Peek-a-boo
  34. I learnt how to wave bye bye
  35. I rolled over for the 1st time
  36. I learnt how to clap
  37. I laughed for the 1st time
  38. Today I .................(blank card-fill what you want)

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