Breastfed BUT Starved!!!!!

We often hear complaints from some mums about their baby’s feeding pattern. ‘My baby is never satisfied’, ‘my baby eats too much’, ‘My breastmilk cannot satisfy my baby’, ‘I feel like I breastfeed round the clock’…they say. While these complaints may be valid, did you know that you could be breastfeeding your child and starving him or her as well?…….

Is it safe to eat pawpaw in pregnancy?

Papaya or pawpaw as it is usually called in this part of the world is a wonderful and delicious fruit. This tropical fruit is known to offer numerous health benefits such as: preventing and controlling heartburn and constipation, aids digestion, boosts the body’s immune system, is a good source of fibre, folic acid, vitamins C, E and lots more.

But how does this healthy fruit fare in pregnancy? Is it safe? Can a pregnant woman consume it as much as she desires? The answers to these questions………

Dangerous foods in pregnancy

What you eat and drink while pregnant is very important as it could affect the health of your unborn child.

 Pregnancy affects the immune system and you and your unborn one are susceptible to a host of illnesses that can cause serious health issues. There are some foods that carry food borne illnesses such as Salmonella poisoning and Listeriosis, or foods that contain high levels of mercury or vitamin A. Such foods should be completely avoided in pregnancy.



How much weight gain is necessary?

Now that we have discussed what meals to eat in pregnancy as well as the fact that eating for two isn’t exactly doubling our portion sizes, let’s discuss how much weight is one required to gain during pregnancy.   Extra weight is needed to nourish your growing baby & also stored for breast feeding.  However, your […]