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Good Fats vs Bad Fats

Fats are an essential part of a healthy diet, but some fats are better for your health than others.
You should aim to have enough of the good fats in your diet and reduce the bad ones pregnant or not.

Consuming good fats in pregnancy are essential because they support your baby’s brain and eye development both before and after birth.

Fats also help the placenta and other tissues grow, and studies show that some fats may help prevent preterm birth and low birth weight.

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Stay Hydrated!!!!!!!

Water is awesome!!!!!

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Healthy food choices in pregnancy

Here are great protein and dairy food choices in pregnancy.

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Easy guide to whole grains

How do I know what foods are made up of whole grains?

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Whole is best!!!!

Choose whole grains …….

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Fun and Educational sites to keep your kids engaged this season

With schools shut down and life, as we know it currently being put on pause as a measure to curtail the Corona Virus pandemic, keeping our children engaged in productive activities, is important. Here are some useful resources we received from a friend and thought to share.¬†We also provided some additional information about some of […]

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What can I eat when expecting?

Before we get into the don’ts, let’s discuss the Dos of eating in pregnancy!

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Eating during pregnancy

What does eating for two really mean?

What is needful and what is over the top? 

Why is Folic acid important? 

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Breast feeding could feel like a science especially for first time mums. Here are a few positions that are helpful when breast feeding your little one. Remember to be patient.

Breast feed as often as your baby demands. 8-12 times in 24 hours is recommended. Your baby would give hunger signals by mouthing towards your nipples and even sometimes crying.

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Refund/Exchange Policy

Refund/Exchange Policy Goods received in good condition generally cannot be refunded or exchanged. Please ensure you confirm your right size before making payments.   Our Bras, Belly Bandit® products, Cinch & Atlas products all qualify as undergarments; hence cannot be returned or exchanged after purchase. Other products however, if received in good condition with tags […]

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