‪#‎EMMAseries‬: HAVING YOUR BABY IN THE US – PART 3 (Final part) A Q&A SERIES WITH Deluxe Childbirth Services

21. Can I register for Medicaid to cover my bills?
International patients are not entitled to Medicaid. We also advice clients against using any government benefits during their stay in the US; as these are meant for US residents only. Using any of these could negatively affect subsequent visa applications for yourself and the father of the baby.

22. Is there a possibility of getting a help after childbirth and what is the cost? 
Post childbirth, you can hire the services of a nanny to assist you. The average cost for this is about $8-$10 per hour depending on the city where you are in.

23. I’d like to have my baby in the US and I have family with whom I can stay during that time. How exactly do I go about it? 
Since you have family with whom you plan to stay with; the key thing you need to do is get the best care and costs around their residence. You can get these by purchasing our Deluxe Personalized Service and we’ll run the entire process for you. Do send us a mail at info@deluxechildbirth.com if interested.

24. I’m concerned about staying for 3 months with people in the US; do you have any tips on how to make the stay a good one?
We have 2 major tips; which have proven to be very helpful. They are:
• Be mindful of wastage especially of light and water. 
o Don’t leave the tap running if not in use e.g. when brushing.
o Don’t leave the lights, heater or air-conditioning on when not in the room
o Don’t do laundry for a few pieces of clothing; if you can wait a few more days and have a full load. This saves light and water.

• Be self-less
o Before you leave your home country, buy some ‘un-prohibited’ local foods or traditional fabrics for your host. These are expensive in the US and will be well appreciated by your host. 
o Mix in and try not to behave like a stranger in the house. Offer help when you can. 
o Go grocery shopping for the house once in awhile….not just for yourself.

25. Though I have family in the US, I am not interested in staying with them for such a long time; are there other accommodation options?
Yes! Via our All-Inclusive Childbirth Packages, we can arrange accommodation for you. These options include Hotel apartments and furnished apartments. We generally advice against the rental of unfurnished apartments as they are not only stressful to furnish; and internationals usually find it difficult disposing purchased furniture when it’s time to return back to your home country.

26. I want to have my baby in the US; but I do not have any family or friends in the US. Is it possible?
Yes it is possible to have your baby in the US even though you do not have friends or family to stay with while in the US. With our All-Inclusive Birth Package, you will have access to a list of specially selected cities where the cost of childbirth is low; such that when the cost of accommodation is added to it, your total cost is still within reasonable range. In these cities, the average cost is between $4000 – $6000 for Normal delivery, and about $7000-$9000 for a C-Section; and about $1000-$1500 per month for accommodation depending on demand.

By subscribing to our All-Inclusive package, we not only connect you to the most affordable Hospital option in any of the cities above; but we also get you accepted by the doctor, book your first appointment, share with you accommodation options and arrange the details of your preferred option.

We also share with you a guide that clearly states how to further manage your costs while in the US and how to formalize your baby’s citizenship as fast as possible. Purchase of this service also comes with 1:1 personal support for any questions and clarifications you might have about the whole process.

27. Can you help process Nigerian visa for my new baby returning to Nigeria with mother? 
Yes, we help parents planning to return to Nigeria process a Nigerian visa for their Newborn. More details are available upon request.

28. Do you handle other services apart from Childbirth services? 
We facilitate access to all services related to the health or care of the female reproductive system. These include but are not limited to pre-conception and conception services such as IVFs; pregnancy and childbirth services; post-childbirth services such as birth control and reconstructive surgeries; general wellness services such as Wellness checks and any other healthcare service that might arise as a result of these wellness-checks.

29. What types of Childbirth Facilities do you work with?
We work with all Birthing Facilities in the US. These include Government hospitals, Private hospitals; Church owned hospitals and all accredited Birthing Centers. To note; all these birthing facilities are also captured in our database for clients interested in the Hospital List service only.

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