Outfit choices while exercising during Pregnancy

By Rachel Watson:

If you are having a healthy pregnancy, then with your doctor’s ok, there is no reason why you cannot continue to workout right up to childbirth.  Pregnancy is a natural state to be in, not an illness.  Your body will be going through some extraordinary changes through each trimester, including a changing body shape.  By working out, you should be able to handle these changes so much better than by not staying fit.  I’m going to go over some ideas of what to wear when you are pregnant and working out.

Pregnancy Specific Workout Gear

There are companies that make workout clothes for pregnant women.  For pregnancy workout shorts, check out My Bella Mama Maternity Cotton Shorts.  For pregnancy tops and more maternity workout gear, you may want to check out The Bump.

Go With What You Already Have

I was a runner before becoming pregnant, so I continued to run through my pregnancy right up to the day of delivery.  I didn’t buy any extra workout clothing, but instead, made some minor adjustments on what I already had.  For running shorts, in the final weeks of pregnancy when I was at my biggest, I would wear the band of my shorts below the belly.  Everything else, like my running shoes and running bra tops fit normally.  You may also be able to continue wearing what you always have worn to workout in.  It may be hard to tell ahead of time if you will be able to wear your regular gear or not.  Pregnancy, especially your first, will be a learn as you go kind of ride.

If you are needing more support on top, then try wearing two of your favorite workout bras.  However, there may be a time when you need a larger workout bra.  Remember that you won’t need this for too many months, so you may be able to get by with a cheaper brand. Just make sure that there are no uncomfortable elastic bands or materials that may rub against your skin.

Buy Bigger Sizes

Just because you are pregnant, doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to buy pregnancy workout clothing.  There is nothing wrong with buying regular workout clothing in a size or a couple of sizes bigger.  Remember, that your shape will constantly be growing and changing, so this may be a time when you want to buy lower priced workout gear.  Walmart carries inexpensive stretchy workout clothes all year round that will work for many woman who are pregnant.

Low Cut Tops Or Extra Long Tops?

Every woman will get to decide for herself if she’d like to cover up that belly or let it all hang out.  When I see a fit woman working out with a belly exposed just like a non-pregnant woman would be, I think it’s beautiful and inspiring.  However, not all woman may feel this way.  How you dress may also depend on where you are working out and with whom.  When working out at home on my treadmill or running laps on my property, I preferred short running shorts and a short bra top while I was pregnant.  My doctor commented that I had quite a pregnancy belly tan going on.  Feeling the open air on the belly area made me feel good. You may want to have some short tops and also some longer ones.  This is your special time, so you get to decide.

Wide Banded Yoga Pants

One of my favorite things to wear while pregnant, while both working out and everywhere else, were wide-banded yoga pants.  I liked the option of wearing the soft and stretchy material over my belly or under it. My favorite pregnancy workout pants were from Victoria Secret.  The great thing is that because of the stretch, they could also be worn after pregnancy.  These are great pants for wearing to and from the hospital if you will be having a hospital birth. They should fit fine both coming and going home.

Just For Fun

If you want to advertise your baby bump with some cute sayings on workout tops, check out this Fit To Be Pregnant Workout Tank by All Sport.  Moms on Etsy also have some cute home-made workout gear that you may want to check out.  Check out babybumpfitness on Etsy for some workout gear that advertises that you have a workout buddy on board.

Incontinence Workout Gear

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can put extra pressure on your bladder.  Because your uterus is expanding, the bladder gets pushed out of the way.  This means that you may pee unexpectedly when you laugh, sneeze, jump, run, or walk.  This condition is known as incontinence.  Thankfully, there are companies that make underwear for working out so that you don’t have to worry about embarrassing leakage happening at the gym.  You may still pee unexpectedly, but no one but you will have to know about this if you are wearing protective clothing.  Check out Fannypants if you have problems with incontinence.

Final Thoughts

If you have read through this article, then chances are good that you plan to continue to workout through your pregnancy.  Congratulations on a decision well made!  The health benefits that you will give to your baby and yourself are the kind of gifts that money can’t buy.  I hope that these tips and ideas for what to wear when you are pregnant and working out help you out. There are no rules, so just wear what is comfortable and gives you support.


Rachel Watson is the website manager at OurStart.com. OurStart is a lifestyle blog that writes about pregnancy, parenting, marriage, and family. When Rachel is not writing, you can find her spending time with her family and friends, exploring cute cafes, and feeding her unhealthy stationary addiction. 


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