Make a commitment to sleep well today.

The benefits of sleep cannot be overemphasized.
Needless to say, sleep contributes to vitality.
Without adequate sleep, you may experience adverse health conditions, affecting your performance at work and in your personal life.
And if you’re pregnant?
You need to get at least 3 Zs.
Many studies have shown that ample sleep for pregnant mothers can have positive effects like shorter labor times. Furthermore, having the recommended hours of sleep along with proper sleeping positions during the different trimesters, can reduce birth complications.
But where do you start? There’s so much information around.
Thankfully, the people at SleepSmooth produced a resource on sleeping during pregnancy which includes a handy infographic that condenses all the info (shown below).
Some of the aspects covered are the importance of sleep during pregnancy, causes of bad sleep, tips and the best and safest positions.
Check out the infographic and make a commitment to sleep well today!
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Whether you are a mum to be, a first time mum or experienced mum, you are sure to learn a thing or two here.
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