Hey EMMA, u rock! I started using the belly bandit about 4 weeks ago,starting @37 inches now I’m down to 31 inches. Even my hubby’s impressed! Way to go!!!*thumbs up* – Damy Lola

Very true, it sure does work, i started using mine immediately after putting to bed, I am four weeks gone now but my tummy is almost all gone, my only complaint is that my medium size bandit is now loose. Thumbs up all d same – Josephine

I’m glad to have bought the belly bandit; lost 5 inches off my waist – Ayeesha

the belly bandit is a must have for every pregnant woman.this I can say from experience cos I moved from a size medium to a small in a week.its d best maternity item I ever bought. Thk u EMMA! – Omere

“this belly bandit is amazing!!!!! my tummy has shrunk tremendously in less than 2weeks after giving birth. Definitely a MUST BUY” – T

Thanks E.M.M.A for bringing the belly bandit to Nigeria. It sure does what it is supposed to do & I can boldly testify to it. I gave birth to my baby about 3 weeks ago & my tummy is almost flat again! Yippee! Before delivery my waist size was 43 inches & I started using the BFF belly bandit 3 days post delivery. Now my waist is 32 inches! Can u beat that? I was very skeptical about using it then but now, I just love it & wear it 24/7 except when having my bath. Thanks E.M.M.A once again, you rock! – Yetty

Thanks EMMA I really am enjoying the bamboo even though am still on the small, I wld move to the xs cos I hv gotten to the end of the small in less dan a week. Its awesome – Ife

my tummy is almost back to its original size (after 4weeks)….but d issue now is i might outgrow d band anytime from now. Thx…Bukola

the belly bandit really really works – Amaka

Just want to appreciate E.M.M.A for making available the Belly Bandit couture. I purchased the Belly Bandit a week after delivery, at that time my tummy was 37inches. I wore the Belly Bandit strictly for almost 24hrs daily, and now 5wks post delivery I’m proud to wear my tank tops and show off my flat tummy!; the sitz spray is also very effective, it aided my healing fast – La’Chic Eluwa-Oguejiofor

My son had every baby’s nightmare – ‘diaper rash’ which we all know can be sore and irritating for the little one, so I used Sudocrem for about 5 days without noticing much of an improvement. Decided to try out the ‘motherlove diaper rash cream and within 24 hours of applying it, the difference was clear. Same thing occurred when I used the green salve cream on some rashes on my leg. It worked like magic. I’ll definitely recommend the motherlove range any day. Try it for yourself… kudos EMMA!! –ADA

I’ve been meaning to get in touch to let you know I’m enjoying the bebe au lait breastfeeding cover. Used it in church first time I went and my hubby commented that I was well covered up. Loving it all the way — NIKE

My Bebe au lait nursing cover has given me the freedom and confidence to breast feed on the go…I’ve breastfed everywhere, on the road, in church, at d park…virtually everywhere. Thank you EMMA- ADA, UK

Belly Bandit really helped me as well after delivery to the extent that people started asking me the secret behind my flat tummy so quick after delivery.Thanks to E M M A for enlightening new mothers on Belly Bandit.U’re doing a good job.keep it up! – Odunola

Thank you E.M.M.A for bringing in Belly bandit. It works even when it’s been a while one gave birth. My baby is 16 months and I decided to wear my belly bandit when exercising and I have already seen the difference in my tummy. I definitely recommend the belly bandit whether your baby is older or not. IT WORKS!!!- Funmi

Thank you for encouraging me to buy the belly bandit. I am back to my pre pregnancy size 3 weeks after birth – Tosin


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