FAQS ABOUT BELLY BANDIT®…4..Caring for your Belly Bandit

I see creases and waves in my Belly Bandit® is this normal? Is it still working?

Yes, creases are normal. Much like a band-aid®, the Belly Bandit® forms to the bend of your body to wear more comfortably. Without any creasing it would be hard to do daily activities with ease. Creases do not affect the tensile strength of the Belly Bandit®. Creases will not stand in the way of the Belly Bandit’s® results. Please continue to wear as usual. The appearance of the Original Belly Bandit® will change due to normal wear, much like a band-aid®, expect to see waviness on the edges and in the center of the band as it forms to the body, this is normal. Remember, this will not hinder the effectiveness.

How do I wash my Belly Bandit®?

Your Belly Bandit® should be hand washed. Please make sure to wash it in cold water with mild soap and air or line-dry. Do not wring this in order to remove excess water as it may damage the strength of the piece. Please do not use any bleach or fabric softeners. Washing in hot water or drying with an electric or gas dryer may also damage the product and cause shrinkage. Drying process can take up to 12 hours. Due to the continuous periods of time you are advised to wear the Belly Bandit® it is recommended to purchase two. Having two will enable you to always have a freshly clean one available while the other is being washed.

I want to wash my Belly Bandit® but I don’t want to leave it off that long…

….we have the solution for you, the Belly Shield! In addition to this amazing piece being a barrier so you don’t have to wash the actually Belly Bandit you can lather on all your lotions for c-section scar treatment or stretch marks! If you do decide to wash your Belly Bandit, it may take up to 12 hours to dry. Please do not throw it in the dryer as it may affect the tenacity and strength.

Can I wear a used Belly Bandit®

We do not recommend buying or wearing a used Belly Bandit® for 2 simple reasons: Hygiene and effectiveness. It’s not hygienic to share this type of garment and once its worn its created to conform to your body shape and curves. Anytime is a band has been worn for an extended amount of time (and possibly washed) it will not have the same effectiveness as on your body. Depending on how it was cared for it may lose some elasticity.

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