Tips on how to get your baby to sleep



First things first, your baby needs to be fed, happy (no nagging belly aches or medical issues), clean (no wet/soiled diapers) and burped.

There are certain techniques to help calm and soothe your baby into a deep sleep. You can use these methods at home too. Understand that everyone has their own views.

Here are some tips to get your baby to Sleep

  1. Warmth

Keep the room at a very cosy 30C. Your new baby is unable to control his/her own body temperature. Babies can lose heat rapidly, as much as four times more quickly than adults. So keeping the room warm is critical. Feel your baby little toes and if they feel cold, then know it’s too cold. it’s essential  you keep your baby warm.

2. White Noise

When your baby is in your womb he/she is listening to all the noises in your body, your heartbeat and all the outside noises of the world, even though muted he/she is not living in a quiet world. So it’s no wonder they become unhappy at night – suddenly thrust into that very quiet open space, You can also buy a baby hushes to create white noise.

  1. Wrap

Remember your baby has come from one of the most secure, warm and noisy environments and he will love being wrapped properly. Almost every fussy baby settles once they are securely wrapped. – It also helps to warm babies up and keeping those hands secure goes a long way to keeping babies comfy and feeling secure and sleepy.

  1. Stroking the nose and forehead

Gently stroking your baby’s nose, in a slow rhythmic motion forces your baby to close his/her eyes. Starting from the brow and working downward just between the eyes really helps them to get sleepy, as you do this way gently from side to side.

  1. A Dummy

This can be controversial. Babies like to suck to fall asleep; it’s sometimes all you need to get your baby calm, happy and sleepy.

  1. Patience and consistency

This is the most important point. Once you have made sure baby is fed, burped and clean. You make sure there is warmth and noise. Then you use the sway and stroking techniques. It can take up to 15 – 20 minutes to get them really sleepy – so you do need to be patient and remain calm yourself.


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