Diaper rash and baby

Nappy rash and baby

Most babies get nappy rash sometime between birth and 18months. This could be overwhelming for the mum. Here are some causes:

– baby is left too long in a wet or dirty diaper

– baby has an infection (thrush)

– Toiletries used for baby or detergent used for clothes could be too harsh for baby’s delicate skin

– baby wipes contain alcohol

– baby is teething


Here are some solutions:

– leave baby’s bottom to air after a bath or in between diaper changes for about 30 minutes

– use a diaper rash cream ( there are lots to choose from)

– Change baby’s toiletries and/or washing detergent

-change diapers often

– don’t use baby wipes that contain alcohol

After diaper rash has been treated, use petroleum jelly or baby oil during every diaper change. Do not put cream on wet bottom as this traps moisture in, only when dry as this protects skin from moisture. 

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