‪#‎EMMAseries‬: HAVING YOUR BABY IN THE US – PART 1 (A Q&A SERIES WITH Deluxe Childbirth Services)

1. I am interested in having my baby in the US, when is the best time to start the whole process?
The best time to start the process is in your second trimester; when you are more settled in the pregnancy. In addition, starting at this time allows enough time for a detailed search for the best childbirth facilities and costs; as well as for Visa applications in case you do not have a visa yet.


2. What are the benefits of having my baby in the US? 
There are several benefits accruable to you and your baby; the most important ones being: 
• You enjoy excellent pregnancy and childbirth services with access to: 
o State-of-the-art labour and delivery facilities 
o Specialized care for High-risk pregnancies 
o Pain Management during childbirth 
o Vaginal birth after Caesarean Section (VBAC) 
o Neonatal Intensive Care unit 
• Your child automatically becomes a US citizen, and is entitled to the following benefits: 
o Enter and exit the United States freely; thus no need for a US Visa. 
o Travel to over 40 countries of the world without need for a visa such as the UK, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Japan etc 
o The right to sponsor his/her family (parents, siblings, spouse and children) to come to the US once he or she is 21 years old. This means permanent residency (Green Card) for immediate family. 
o Access to government benefits such as Educational Scholarships, grants, financial assistance, etc. 
o The right to run for public office and apply for certain State and Federal jobs. 
o The right to vote and be voted for.


3. How long will the visa application process last?
The US Embassy usually advises that you start your Visa application process at least 3 months to your planned travel date


4. What type of visa is needed to have baby in the US?
You will need the Non-Immigrant ‘B’ type visa. In some countries, this is known as B1/B2 visa type. However, when filling your Visa Application form; you will be asked to specify the exact type; which is B2. The B2 visa is for Tourism and Medical Treatment.

5. How soon or late can one travel?
As an expectant mother, you can travel at any time but in our experience with clients, most expectant mothers want to travel as close to their due dates as possible. Key to note here is that the cut-off date for travel by most airlines is 32weeks; but, if you have a Fit-to-Fly report from your doctor, you will be allowed to fly even when you are past 32weeks. We however advise clients to plan to be in the US by their 34th week; as this would give the US OB/GYN some time to get to know about the pregnancy.


6. How long after the baby will one have to stay in the US?
The amount of time you’ll need to stay in the US post baby depends on which city you have the baby. Before your newborn can travel out of the US, he/she would need a US passport as well as an entry visa to your country of residence (or a passport for your home country).


7. Can my mother,aunt or help etc. come with me to stay while I have the baby?
Sure, you can travel with help from your home country. It is advisable though that whoever will be helping you, should apply for the visa same time as you are applying. If you will be travelling with your paid help, there are some additional things to note for the Visa application though.

8. I am married but my passport is in my maiden name; will this affect my chances of getting a visa?
As long as the name on your application matches the name on your passport; you are on the right track. However, it is also a good idea to have your marriage certificate with you during the interview to show that you have social ties that will ensure you return back home after your planned stay in the US. In addition, if your husband will be sponsoring your trip, you should have your marriage certificate as proof that he is your husband. If your letter from the OB/GYN is in your married name; then it is also advised that you have your marriage certificate with you during the Visa Interview.


9. I am visibly pregnant; will this jeopardize my chances of getting a US visa?
Being visibly pregnant will not jeopardize your chances of getting a US visa; it only means you need to be more prepared for your Visa Interview where you will need to prove to the Visa Consular that you are fully prepared to pay all your medical bills; and you will return back to your home country after the baby is born.

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10. I have friends who have been refused entry into the US; how do I go about this process without being refused entry into the US?
The US is a country based on principles; and you can have your baby in the US as long as you can sufficiently prove to the Customs and Border Protection officer that you have sufficient funds to cover your care; and you have a doctor who has accepted to handle your care.

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